Oxidize It products are marketed to consumers by independent Oxidize It distributors, who buy the products from the manufacturer on an arms-length basis. Oxidize It distributors are small family businesses, typically run by determined young owners. Oxidize It distributors hire their own employees, retain their own salespeople, and set their own prices (there is no manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP). Although the Oxidize It manufacturer provides the warranty, in practice much warranty service is provided by the independent distributors who sold the product to start with. They service what they sell. For warranty service, they are reimbursed by the manufacturer. This is the manufacturer’s informational website.

Even though Oxidize It owners do not buy their products from us and are not our customers, we like to hear from them. Tell us what you think of our recently-patented Oxidize It products. And if any actions or statements by your Oxidize It distributor are of concern to you, please tell us that, too. Even though Oxidize It distributors are independent businesses, we may be able to help.